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Custom Stealth Grow Fridge.


I have a custom made "stealth" garden box which is cleverly disguised as a common household refrigerator. It features an 8 bulb 2ft by 2ft Sun System T5 High Output light fixture which also comes with Both, veg and flowering bulbs. The unit also has all proprietary timers and has 2 intake and 2 exhaust fans which supply a constant supply of fresh air. The reason for being 2 intake and 2 exhausts is because of the differentiating temperatures, so temps can be "dialed in" as the seasons change. There are also 4" fans circulating air inside of the fridge.
There has been alot of thought and time and money put into making this grow box and it has given me Years of trouble free use. It is light sealed so no light leaks out. It can be used for a full growth cycle with amazing results or it would also be perfect for a propagation chamber. It is also very simple to clean and maintain. Positive pressure atmosphere and filters to keep pests and bugs out, This is actually quite a sophisticated grow box with lots of thought, research and development involved in it. It is not some crappy pre made grow box that cooks your plants with 90-100+ degree temps. The temperature is very consistent and is typically 4-8 degrees warmer than the surrounding ambient air temperature in the room it is located in. Very nice box and it always blows people`s minds when the see inside for the first time because it looks and sounds like just an old refrigerator sitting there... Way better than those cheesy tent things.
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Custom Stealth Grow Fridge.
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