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Four Tent Grow Setup


I have everything you need to set up four grow rooms/tents: 10`x10` Flower, 5`x5` veg/flower, 5`x5` veg/clone, 4`x4` cure/dry. See pictures for items as well as the list below. I have more odds and ends that is not listed that I will throw in as well. New all this is well over 4k, selling for $2200 or best offer or trade. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
(note aerocloner 36 in picture is not included - sorry)
Active Air 4" Inline Fan 165CFM (x3)
Active Air 6" Inline Fan 400CFM
Can Fan RS6 270CFM
Eco Plus Inline Duct Booster
Organic Air Green House Filter 4"
Can Fan RSK150 6" Flange with hinged door (x2)
Active Air CO2 System with Tank
Active Air 6" Inline Booster Fan 188CFM
Intillidrive 3.5 Light Rail mover and track
Can Fan High Efficiency Tube Fan 8" 654CFM
Active Aqua Water Chiller 13-105 Gal. 39 deg. F
HydroFarm Seedling Heating Mat (x2)
General Hydroponics AeroFlo 36 Aeroponics System
HydroFarm Jump Start Light System (x2)
Can Can 8"
Carbon Filter 8" Flange approx 16"dia x 30"L
Carbon Filter 8" Flange approx 13"dia x 27"L
Carbon Filter 6" Flange approx 12"dia x 14"L
Carbon Filter 4" Flange approx 7"dia x 24"L
Carbon Filter 4" Flange approx 7"dia x 18"L
Secret Jardin DR300W 10` x 5` x 6.5` includes replacement tent with extra poles
Secret Jardin DR150W 5` x 5` x 6.5` (2 complete sets)
Secret Jardin DR120W 4` x 4` x 6.5`
TMP-DNe Thermostat Control
Hot Box International Sulfume
HydroFarm Duct 4", 6", 8"
Timers, Buckets, pH readers, ppm reader, tds reader, tons of nutes, pH up and down, clone tray, large drying net, small drying net, nice insulated clamps for fans, plus more odds and ends

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Four Tent Grow Setup

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