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GeneralHydroponics AF20 System with all gear


The AeroFlo² comes complete with everything to get started and offers the fastest growth rate of any hydroponic system we sell. By generating a fine mist of nutrient solution, aeroponic culture optimizes the oxygen/water/nutrient ratio for the roots of plants and provides ideal conditions for all stages of growth. Plants` roots grow in the moist air space between the net cups and hang in a shallow, constantly circulating bath of super-oxygenated nutrient solution. Controlling the depth of nutrient solution in the growing chamber maximizes moisture supplied to seedlings and cuttings and increases aeration to the roots of mature plants.
System Includes:
8 Gallon Reservoir
Two 6 ft. Grow Chambers
Mag Drive #3 pump
Injection Manifold
3" Net Pots
CocoTek Coco cups
9 Liter Bag Hydroton Clay Pebbles
3 part Flora Kit(FloraBloom, FloraGrow, FloraMicro)
1 bottle Absolute powdery mildew and mold wash
1 bottle Absolute spider mite and pest formula

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GeneralHydroponics AF20 System with all gear
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