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I have 3 8` vortex fans $50 each. I also have ducting and size adaptors for them.
I also have tons of other stuff for hydroponic and soil gardening.
Sulfur burners $20 each
Raptor xxxl hoods $90 each 3 for $250
1000 watt adjustable/dimable ballast $50 each have 2
1000 watt magnetic ballast $30 each have 5
Lumatek 600 watt adjustable/dimable ballast $50
Turbo cloner 48 site - love this thing almost new $100
Tons of hoods in various sizes some for closets some for warehouse $20 each
Tons of oscillating fans(some the oscillating gear isn`t working) $10 each
CO2 tank and regulator $60
Titan Helios 8 light controller - awesome $100
CAP greenhouse controller - really for hydropobic don`t know why its called a greenhouse controller controls pumps, co2 and lights $80
Tons of pots for soil or coco. From SD hydro 7 gallon and 3.5 gallon black plastic
Lids/net pots for 5 gallon buckets for doing hydro
Greenhouse frame no cover aluminum and super durable 12 by 20
25 gallon bucket of hydroton washed in hydrozyme
lots of TLO soil in 25 gallon buckets
T5 lights 8 bank.
There is more I`m moving from the great state of Cali to take care of family back home and will not need growing supplies. Make an offer on anything prices are negotiable I can deliver some things but the raptor hoods require a truck to move more than one. I am 30 minutes east of escondido

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