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Hello All!!! I am in the midst of movin so I need to sell all of my equipment A.S.A.P! You are more than welcome to buy it all or piece by piece. If you buy it all (or most) I am more than happy to throw you a good discounted price! I spared no expense with this equipment & I hate to see it go, but love to see it go to a good home where it will be producing the best meds! Here is the list of what I got. Mostly everything has only been used once. Please EMAIL me!!! Please leave me a message with your name & number I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks! -- Also, I will be giving away free items to those who inquire first, until they`re gone! First come first serve. Have a blessed day!
(11) Hydrofarm Raptor 8 8″ Hoods w/ bulbs (used once): $175ea
(2) Sun System Magnum XXXL 8" hoods: $150
(2) Hydro Tek Silverstar 6"hood: $125
(2) Sunsystem Sunblaze T5 8 Bulb Light: $100
(1) 2ft 2 bulb T5: $50
*** 8" Hood-1000W Ballast- Bulb Combo - $300
**Ballasts/Light Controls**
-Dimmable Ballasts: 1000w/600w/400w
(11) Phantom 1000W HPS/MH Grow Light Digital Dimmable Ballast: $175
(4) Lumatek LK1000 Dial-A-Watt Dimmable E-Ballast: $150
(4) Global Greenhouse 600w Digital Ballast: $100
(3) C.A.P 8 Light Control: $120
(2) Titan Controls Helios11 4 Light Controler: $50
(1) Active air 8 inch in-line booster fan $40
(2) 10" Max-Fan 1100 CFM: $175
(7)Eco Plus 16″ Wall Mount Fans: $20ea
(1) Hydrofarm 6" Inline Fan: $80
(2) Phresh Filters™ 14" x 48" 2,500 CFM: $225
(1) Phat Filters 12" x 6" 275 CFM: $50
(1) Horti Control 6" Dust Shroom : $45
(2) IDEAL-AIR Ideal-Air Mini Split A/C Unit - 36,000 BTU: $
(2)Aura Systems Mini Split A/C Unit 24,000 BTU: $
(1) Ideal-Air 180 Pint Dehumidifier : $600
(1) Frigidaire Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier: $125
(1) Frigidaire Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier: $100
**Trays/Reservoirs/Reverse Osmosis/Co2
(2) 3×6′ trays: $100ea
(1) 2x4` 1`deep tray: $75
(2) 60 Gallon Reservoirs: $50
(2) 25 Gallon Reservoirs: $25
(1) Stealth RO 200 Reverse Osmosis System:$200
(1) a Gen-2e Electronic Ignition Natural Gas CO2 Generator: $350
(1) Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller with Fuzzy Logic Mode: $325
*****Heavy 16 Nutrient Line$$$
****Also lots of smaller stuff!! Pumps, ppm meter , pph, bamboo stakes, light pullies, clamps, green lights, timers, scissors , spray bottles , zip ties , ducting, extension cords, humidifier , extinguisher ,bulbs ,pesticides , coco , perlite
***Any electrical needed. Breaker boxes, sockets ect...
**pots 3gallon
Please Inquire for *whole price* deal if you`re looking for a full 5-15 light set up. I will definitely give you a deal on bulk purchases of any kind. I can also take pictures of anything you may need as well so don`t hesitate to ask! Namaste! Nugglife89@gmail

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