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HydroFarm Active Air CarBon ScRubbeR t5 grow light


I have a hydrofarm active air carbon scrubber that was used to finish off a grow but after that I had to stop so here it is for sale. I previously had purchased one of those 40" ones off ebay for a 150 but that thing was crap. It barely did the job for 600 watts. That thing lasted 10 months but quit working in the middle of last bloom. So I went and purchased a HIGH quality one from a local shop and man what a difference $100 makes in the quality of a scrubber. The new was so good that you could not smell a thing. But I only used it for a month and may now be moving out of state and I do not want to be moving this thing with me on the move. I have made no attempt to clean it so you can see that it is basically brand new. I Paid $250 for it and another $20 for the flange and will let them go for $170. 40" tall x 16" diameter with a 6" flange. 400cfm min 800 cfm max
I also have a 4 light t5 with grow bulbs and a 2 light with warm whites in it. Both were used for about 12 months and have the original bulbs still working in them. Those I let go for $80 for both of them. The 4 light has 2 switches and an auxiliary plug to have another lamp plugged in to it. The two light is more decorative and has no switches and can be used for grow or garage duty because it looks like a more expensive under counter work light.
cash only but will consider trade for a 4x8 or 5x8 trailer in good condition
ignore: 215 420 buds og chem grow growlight ballast 1000 400 600 hydrofarm sun organic hps metal halide hydroponic dwc indica sativa led

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HydroFarm Active Air CarBon ScRubbeR t5 grow light
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