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L.E.D Grow light


* I am selling the exact model as listed below. Lightly used, like new. All diodes work properly as well as cooling fans. Save money with this lower energy consumption grow light. Accept calls through week until 7pm and can recieve txt anytime at

Feel free to call or txt questions. $ 350 O.B.O
Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 500w LED Grow Light UV
500w LED Grow Light Ultra Violet
500w LED Grow Light Ultra Violet 500w LED Grow Light Ultra Violet 500w LED Grow Light Ultra Violet
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Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 500w LED Grow Light UV
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Need a larger LED Grow Light? This 500W unit covers 12 square feet (3`x4`). 168 individual 3W LED Diodes in a light this size is extremely effective for flowering your plants. 6 bands (unique color wavelenghts) of light are used to optimize the light that flowering plants require. A unique combination of 60 degree, 90 degree, and 120 degree LEDs are used for a perfect balance between penetrating power and coverage area. Lighthouse Hydro has formulated their lights to maximize the color spectrum needed for vegetative or flowering growth.
- Size: 19.75" x 12.25"
- Coverage Area: 4` x 3` (12 Square Feet)
- LED Chipset: 3W
- Number of LED`s: 168
- Rated Hours: 50,000
- Bands: 6 Band
- Red: 630, 660nm
- Blue: 425nm
- Infrared: 730nm
- Ultraviolet: 380nm
- White: 12000k
- Worldwide Voltage: 90v-240v

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L.E.D Grow light
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