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I`m a curious person by nature and like to try out Do-It-Yourself projects I find on the internet. When aquaponics was all the rage on Youtube I decided to try and build a system myself. The result was a pre-assembled, plug-and-play system that turned out to be really successful. Here is a YouTube video of the system in operation:
The plan was to grow Koi fish in the tank that I could sell and grow fresh herbs for cooking purposes. Both grew extremely well, so much so that I had to sell the fish and harvest the herbs earlier than expected and I never got around to setting it up for a second run.
Here`s what`s included:
The base of the system is a 55 gln fish tank in a heavy duty metal stand. The stand is great because it can support the weight of the tank filled with water and the grow box on top.
The fish tank comes with a submersible pump, bio filter, hanging filter and air pump. I used a canister filter the last time I was operating it (not included), but it was mostly for fish emulsions since Koi fish poop a lot! Other type of fish may not need such intensive filtering and you may be fine with just bio filter and plants as the main filtering source.
The grow box, aprox. 4 foot by 20 inches, is mounted over the fish tank. It`s made of wood, stained for a nice finish, and I used a pond liner to waterproof the inside. It has two intakes, two drains (a maind drain and overflow drain). The submersible pump pumps water to the grow box for the plants. The pump was on a timer and would water the plants at different intervals (depends on the type of plant and stage of growth). I used a drip irrigation system (see the video) which I will include with the sale; all drip tubes, clay pellets and grow cups. It could also be set up for an ebb and flow system if you want to try that method out. It`s a flexible set-up.
Lastly, I used a 4 foot by 6 foot fluorescent grow light (see pictures). It can operate six T5 bulbs but I only used four and had great results. It`s quite, efficient and doesn`t put out a lot of heat. I`ll include a box of T5 grow lights (8 total), a mixture of both grow and bloom light spectrums. More specs on the grow light can be found here:
To recap, here is what`s included:
• 55 Gln Fish Tank, resealed and ready to go ($250 value)
• Stand ($80 value)
• Grow Box, custom made for the stand (over $100 in materials to build this)
• Florescent Grow Light ($220 value)
• T5 Grow Lights ($60 value)
• Bio Filter ($20 value)
• Submersible Pump ($25 value)
• Hanging fish tank filter ($12 value)
• Air Pump ($15 value)
• Clay Pebbles, grow medium, big bag ($30 value)
• Drip Tube Irrigation ($35 value)
• Plastic Grow Pots ($10 value)
• Fish Tank Florescent Strip Light ($30 value)
• Misc. Fish Tank Items ($50 value)
All total, to re-assemble the pieces retail, would cost over $900 . . .
I`m a bargain hunter like you so did pay that much, . . .
however it was still about $600 to get this system together . . .
I really enjoyed this project, and it works well, but I`m putting my house up for sale and need to clear out my stuff . . .
I`m willing to let it go, as a pre-assembled plug-and-play package, for $340.00.
I was thinking of splitting this package up and selling off the pieces, I`d probably make more that way. But, I`d like to sell as a package deal, you get a bargain and I get it moved in one shot. So if you want a pre-assembled, plug-and-play aquaponics system then please contact me as soon as possible.
Respond to the craigslist Email or Text me at,
I`ll get back to you ASAP. I work from home and we can arrange a time during the week (or weekend) for pickup.
Thanks for your interest.

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