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Used LG Portable Air Conditioner with Remote


Just purchased on 2014 summer mid August and only used for 2 months.
The origin price is $319, just purchased at "Corvallis Home depot" with receipt.
10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier Function with Remote Control in White (62.4 Pint./Day)
Estimated cooling area (300 sq. ft. /15 ft. x 20 ft. room)
10,000 BTU cooling ensures your comfort
Portable unit comes with one (1) hose installation kit. Get comfortable with the greatest of ease with casters to allow easy movement to the room that needs cooling so you can comfortably enjoy your room
2-speed cooling and fan lets you select the right setting to suit your needs while affording a range of adjustment to deliver comfort
2-way Air Deflection: Air can be directed up or down as needed
Digital LED Electronic Touch Controls: Control the temperature of your room with just a push of a button
24 hour On/Off Timer lets you create a cooling schedule without wasting electricity; an energy efficient programmable timer that can turn on your air conditioner before you arrive home or turn off after you leave
Remote control that is stylish and easy to use which allows you to cool down from across the room
Washable and Reusable air filter saves money on replacements
Automatically restarts after a power failure; there are storms, high winds and extreme heat that can lead to power outages; keep yourself covered with AutoRestart, which automatically turns the unit back on when power is restored
Removes up to 2.6 Pint of moisture from the air in a hour to control humidity
Product (WxHxD) 17.03 in. x 31.28 in. x 13 in.
Voltage / 60 Hz: 115
Unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use and must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit) and do not use extension cords
Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow detailed installation instructions in the Owner`s Manual

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Used LG Portable Air Conditioner with Remote
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